The Bridport Dagger now in its fourth year and still one of the toughest most challenging yet visually stunning cycle Sportives in the South West, the short route is a more casual ride.

This beautiful and stunning tour around the Dorset countryside is about taking your time, taking in the views and just enjoying the ride, it has lots of long running straights away from large amounts of traffic where you can "Peleton" if that's your thing, we have climbs, some tough, some not so, all on strava (Tut tut), and then there are country lanes with stunning views that go for miles, above all remember its a sportive and not a race, your supposed to enjoy it and have fun.


The Short is an ideal opportunity if you want to be involved in a Sportive but want to ease your self in gently without having to deal with any major hills, there is still 780 m of climbing and its still a test if you you don't cycle regularly , I mean it is Dorset, we are happy for under 14's to attend for FREE, (short route only) as long as they are accompanied with an paying adult, with no cut off.


The medium route will be a visually stunning ride through the beauty of Dorset, with sea views out along the Jurassic coast, and miles of rolling countryside it will be a slightly harder test than the short with 1586 m of climbing, its long enough to test even the hardiest of cyclists who think taking on the rolling hills of Dorset will be an easy task.


The long is a leg burning 101 miles with 2500 m (7500ft) of climbing and will visit all the major climbs in the area this is your route choice if your looking for a Major challenge.Its a beautiful ride if you have the energy to look around, we don't claim to be the best but were up there in both visuals and toughness.

The long route is not for the casual cyclist, this will test you, don't believe us, the word of the day every year is "BRUTAL"

Because of the difficulty of the long route there will be a couple of cut off's at the course splits and one oops I've bitten off more than I can handle split, if you don't make it by the cut off you will be directed onto the Medium route.

Why is it called the Dagger ?

In the past the town of Bridport saw its fame and great prosperity, for its hempen goods, and monopolized the manufacture of ropes, cables, and tackling for the fishing industry and the British Navy.

It was also here that the hangman's rope was traditionally made which gave birth to the local proverb being 'stabbed by a Bridport Dagger,' Referred to anyone who had been hung by the noose, careful as in our case if your not ready for the Long route it may tighten its noose.

Fancy helping out at an event?

We always welcome volunteers at our events so if you fancy joining the team for the day or even a few hours at registration or with with parking, please get in touch. You will be rewarded for your efforts and will be able to choose an event to enter for free, thats any event and any distance. If you would like more information please email and some one will be in touch.

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