Dorset is a county in southwest England. It’s known for the Jurassic Coast, a long stretch on the English Channel where the cliffs contain many fossils, and rock formations show millions of years of geological history.

The local landscape surrounding Bridport and West Bay is simply stunning and really needs to be explored to the full. There are miles upon miles of way marked cycle routes and walking trails that allow you to immerse yourself within the stunning surroundings.


Beyond Dorset Road Ultra and Half marathon

One of the toughest most hideous of road runs you will ever attempt at just over 680 m or 2240 feet of climbing (Ultra) and 408 m or 1338 feet for the Half Marathon distance the difficulty of these runs is just another step in the evolutionary chain of your running. (#pushyourlimits), hills dont hurt, not training on hills is where it goes wrong.

The event has been designed to try and ensure everyone who starts has the chance to finish, we will not ask you to stop unless its dark or you beg for a lift.

With our as always aid stations on route and super bling.

The event its self will start and finish at the same location, where showers and hot food and drink will await your arrival 

The route is all on road, no laps, no buses, just one long continuous run around the Dorset countryside.


Starting at 0700 and ending at 1900 giving you 12 hrs to complete the route, we dont really like cut offs but have to plan for some sort of ending.

Event Details