Starting on the edge of Salisbury plain, near to Bulford camp, in the shadow of the kiwi , this Half, 10 km and 5 km multi terrain trail run to include, track, trail, and a little bit of woodland mostly flat.

All routes will start at the old carter barracks


The 5 km  run isn't a complicated run, its wide tracks and trails and snakes its way behind A,B and C Bulford camp ranges, its very flat and there are no hills to contend with. 


The 10 km run follows the tracks , trails and openness that is Salisbury plain, we have tried to incorporate as much different terrain as we could, some track, some pathway and woodland running, but like the 5 km its relatively flat and will be an enjoyable run, with no road crossings, no traffic and limited pedestrians, just great running enjoyment.

Half marathon

The half is two laps of the 10 km course.

There will be a water station at approx 5 km for the 10 km runners, and a feed station at 10 km for the half runners.

Event Details